PAX South 2016 – The Indie Adventure – Crowdfunding, Steam, and Beyond

You’ve got an awesome idea for a game, you’ve even got a small team to make it happen. So… next Tuesday you should throw it up on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, right? Um… Probably not. Join Eric “Wingman” Peterson & the team behind Descent: Underground for a frank discussion of the pitfalls & landmines of indie crowdfunding, development, & marketing. Delve into the depths and unlock the secrets that could help you guide your Indie Adventure safely from treasure map to treasure!

Moderator: Keith “Dunkelza” McCormic [Game Designer, GameSim Austin]

Panelists: Rob “Designopotamus” Irving [Senior Designer, Moby Games], Phil “Bluedog” Tittle [Moby Games], Unknown Person, Michael “Viewmaster” Morlan [Director, Website], Eric “Wingman” Peterson [Twitter], Tyler “Pix-o-matic” Pixley [Gameplay Programmer, Website]

Source: Descendent Studios

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