This is where I am going to put in an idea about where we are going in the archiving process, expect this to change semi frequently when he hit milestones:

Get the PAX Archives up

We have all of the PAX footage from back in 2004 that we can get our hands on from official sources. Our goal to show the world that we are serious about this project is to work in reverse chronological order to get it to be archived on LBRY and Internet Archive to be added to this site. At the moment we have completed up to PAX East 2013 and are continuing the process going forward.

Getting infrastructure laid out

We anticipate once the PAX archive is ready to be rolled out there is going to be a jump in popularity. When this comes we need to be fully prepared to capitalize on this. To do this a lot of back end things need to be ready to go on that proverbial day. For the moment we are upgrading our main editing rig so that we can move videos faster. Also setting up more of an online presence is needed as well.