PAX Dev 2014 – Indie Game Marketing 101

For those who want to earn a regular income from making indie games, marketing can be nearly as vital to the success of the game as the game itself. Marketing neglect can be an all too common dream-killer for aspiring indies. Some look at marketing as an abstract notion that they should probably get to at some point. Too frequently, they never dive in to it at all, or do so very late in the process as an afterthought—and then might not attribute sufficient importance to the absence of marketing if the game under-performs. Some want to believe that they don’t need marketing because their game will sell itself.

This session will cover key areas for getting rolling: Where and how to start, dos and don’ts, examples, successes and mis-fires, with practical guidance on how to approach this for your game!

Panelist: Joel Dreskin [Business and Marketing Consultant, Website]

Source: The Indie Marketer

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