PAX East 2012 – The Indie Rant: Indie Developers Gone Wild

What happens when you gather a number of over-the-top independent developer personalities in one spot and ask what’s wrong with the current state of the industry? We’re about to find out. Watch with mouth agape as eight highly regarded indies step on stage with nothing but a microphone and a conviction. Things will get ugly. Words will be had. Things will be said that cannot be unsaid. Get ready for the rants.

Panelists: Alex Schwartz [Co-Founder, Website], Tim Ambrogi [Game Developer, Twitter], Matt Gilgenbach [Staff Software Engineer, Twitter], Eithan Gilnert [Game Developer, Twitter], Jamie Gotch [CEO, Subatomic Studios], Ichiro Lambe [Game Designer, Website], Andy Nealen [Game Creator, Website], Richard Perrin [Senior Development Manager, Website]

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