Our Mission

So if you are on this page you most likely want to know more about what our plans are and where we would like to go. So I will give you some insight on what the vision of the site is.

We would like to collect and have an easily index-able archive for conventions from around the world to be accessible to anyone who desires the need to view it for research or entertainment purposes.

How do we get there? That is always the hardest part to anything here are a few ideas that we are currently working on.

Become a 501c3 Non Profit

In the grand scheme of things we believe that we are providing a benefit to society at large for a specific community of people that is currently not categorized online. We would want to use this status to be able to navigate the legal landscape and show potential partners that our attention is to advance the culture and not make a profit.

Hire a team for full time work

At the moment this is currently being done by one person, on their spare time. In order to handle the workload that this project entails we need to be able to turn this into a full time endeavor where we can work together and process the massive amounts of data before they are removed from the Internet.

Focus on the long term storage of information

It is one thing to throw it on a website and call it a day, however if that website were to go down there needs to be a backup that the public can reach and still maintain the collection for generations to come. This not only includes the pieces from the event itself but also the community surrounding the event to ensure that the culture (however silly it can be) can be remembered.

Translate into multiple languages

An event may benefits the speakers of its native language from the get go, but to ensure that the information is shared to the world at large a team of translators need to subtitle each entry so that we can understand fully the context of the event itself.

Work with conventions directly

Once this project is established to be in good faith we would want to work directly with events to ensure that their information is preserved in the best way possible. Not simply by just maintaining records, but providing value like a camera crew to capture the event at large as well as sorting through older materials and editing them so that people can view it.

Provide future events a template on how to be successful

If you were going to make a convention today, the limit knowledge that is available is very guarded and only shared from person to person. We want to break down those barriers and provide some best practices so that common mistakes that happen with newly founded events never happen and improve the overall experience earlier on in an event’s life.