How can you help?

When it comes to large projects like this often we can feel like we do not have the ability to help each other make it better. While there are some aspect of things that can be complex the majority of the things you can do to help is as simple as making a post on social media. In this aspect we are going to highlight each and everything thing you can do to help in all phases of this project, and how you can truly make a difference.

Share this with people who are like you

At the end of the day one of the biggest things you can do is let other people know about this project. Share it with your friends on social media, let people with blogs be aware of this project. Email your favorite pod caster who may also be interested in interviewing our team. By letting people know about this site encourages more people to watch the videos on here and share memories that they did not know they wanted to relive again.

Sign up for LBRY

We use LBRY as the main platform for hosting the videos you see on the site. The reason being is that it is a distributed platform that has its information on multiple sources, so that once the videos are uploaded it will be really hard to lose them. In order for us to upload files to LBRY we need credits to do so. (This encourages people to actively participate on that platform).

So what does that mean for you? As long as you sign up for an account on LBRY using this link here you will be able to give us credits so that we can upload more videos overall, even if you never go to the site again. This helps us to make sure we have enough space to get the videos saved to a long term location.

Tell us what we are missing

As the saying goes, we can not archive what we do not know exists. So if you notice that we are missing your local convention, let us know about it. Simply fill out this form and we will add it to our backlog of event to look for. This also includes schedules and events that took place during the event. By simply scanning or locating a schedule from an event it will give us enough information to know what to look for online and give us better coverage in searching for the things that happened that year. Speaking of that.

Search for conventions in the backlog

We have a large list of conventions to include, and we want to centralize them all in one spot. What that means is we need to go and find where they are online. By picking up an item in the backlog, searching it on YouTube and other video sites, and let us know what we should archive. Simply add the videos to this form and we can add it into the next steps in our process.

Become part of the team

This project is open in a sense that the people who are willing to contribute to this help shape the direction of the project. Like many things before we use a discord server to organize and plan where to take this project in the future. You can join us here and find the right chat room for you. There are many roles that need to be filled so here is a brief explanation as to what they are:

  • Informers – These people help us find information about conventions, such as the name of them, when they took place, locating a copy of their schedule and website, and proving information to help make the archival process happen
  • Seekers – These people go and use the information that the informers give and search for as much content as possible associated with the event. Create a list of them so that other people can start archiving
  • Sorters – These people help take the information that the seekers find sort through it so that a “hard copy” is obtained. Such as downloading videos, documents, and other media sharing them via secure services to the team
  • Checkers – These people go and view the existing and upcoming posts and make sure we have our information correct, both on the post itself as well as the proper citations for the post in general
  • Filmers – These people go to actual conventions and film the event itself, either in a pure archival manner or in a vlog style, they make sure we capture the event as best as possible
  • Posters – These people help with managing this website, either by posting content from other people to general management that a website like this needs
  • Networkers – These people work with the conventions themselves to help both uncover footage to be added to the archive as well as help them make sure that the event can be archived in the best manner possible
  • Marketers – These people help spread the word the archive to others that may be interested in viewing its content or participating in the process