PAX Prime 2014 – The Giant Bomb Guide to eSports Victory!

Tired of getting crushed, killed, smoked, chopped, and screwed in today’s hottest multiplayer games? The expert competitors of Giant Bomb Dot Com are here to help! Stick around as we teach you techniques that will work in any eSports video game, including hot openers like “The Caravella Gambit” and “Shoemaker’s Lament.” After that, throws are encouraged and headshots are also welcome as we show you game-ending strats like “Gerstmann’s Folly” and “The Klepek Krunch.” eSports!

Moderator: Jeff Gerstmann [Co-Founder, Twitter]

Panelists: Patrick Klepek [Senior Reporter, Twitter], Brad Shoemaker [Editor, Twitter], Dan Ryckert [Podcaster, Twitter], Alex Navarro [Editor, Twitter]

Source: Giant Bomb

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