PAX East 2016 – The 405th Presents: Taking Cosplay / Armor to the Next Level

Ever feel down about your cosplay’s quality? Wish you could take that armor to the next level? Maybe you just wish you could make it…shine? The 405th Halo Costuming Regiment is back, this time with tips and tricks on how you can make your cosplay stand out! We’ll guide you through techniques that top tier cosplayers use to make their suits and costumes beam with quality and realism! We’ll answer questions, offer personal advice/stories, and may even give away some FREE SWAG! All ages welcome!

Panelists: Nicholas Melendez [Experienced Prop Maker, 405thID / Squiby Cosplay], Joseph Tierney [Veteran 405th Member / Prop Comissioner, 405thID / Blue Fox Cosplay], Maya Gagne [Experienced Prop Maker, Myratheon Cosplay, Instagram], Benton Samec [Innovative Prop Designs, 405thID / Projects 4 Awesome], Robert Dailey II [Expert Prop Maker, 405thID / Stony Props]

Source: GeneralChurch

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