PAX East 2013 – Introduction to Curing Chemicals and Special Effects Costuming

This panel is all about curing chemicals- plastics, resins, urethane rubbers, plasters, and silicones. Anything that cures. We’re going to take you through the basics. If you are a super noob or slightly more experienced to advanced you’ll fit in here. Cosplay and costuming has gotten pretty crazy in the last few years and curing chemicals have played a major part. If you want your costumes to be fantastic, you’ll want to stop by. From Cerberus Productions, Lindsay is a professional promotional model and costumer with help from relative newcomers Sharece and Shelby also of Cerberus and casting genius, Alyssa from Propped Up Creations.

And the biggest thing we need to stress is that ANYONE CAN COSTUME.

Panelists: Shelby Navone [Special Effects Costumer, Store], Sharece Chiu [HR Generalist, Funcom], Alyssa Smith [Senior Editor, Website], Lindsay “Leeleethebunny” Aries [Cosplayer, Twitter]

Source: Lawrence Brenner

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