PAX East 2011 – Where’s my Spaceship!? Adventures in Video Game Costuming

Have an awesome costume you want to show off? Want to start cosplaying but haven’t made the leap? Join Crabcat Industries as we escape from reality to share your triumphs, horror stories, and battle damage. Show your love for video games by running around and embarrassing yourself in costume! We’ll also discuss professional costuming techniques you can do in your garage, and our current project: transforming face model Rana into her Mass Effect 2 character Samara. Then we’ll set our eyes on world domination. Or something.

Moderator: Hilary Shapiro [Professional Cosplayer, Website]

Panelists: Holly Conrad [Designer, Website], Jessica Merizan [Customer Activation Director, Twitter], Rana McAnear [Actress, Twitter]

Source: Nerd Caliber

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