PAX East 2011 – Starting Your Own Game Company

Founders of game development studios will share anecdotes and advice for budding entrepreneurs who would like to get started on the right path but don’t mind receiving a heavy dose of reality. Topics include company structure, team recruitment, project development, publisher relations, original vs. pre-existing IP, platform/genre focus, branding — and whether or not to run a “virtual studio.”

Moderator: Jeff Goodsill [VP of Products, Twitter]

Panelists: Jamie Gotch [CEO, Facebook], Peter Jones [Founder, Profile], Elliot Mitchell [Co-Founder, Twitter] , Caleb Garner [Game Producer, Twitter], Dave McCool [President & CEO, Twitter], Albert Reed [Co-Owner, Twitter]

Source: Muzzy Lane

PAX East 2011 Panel: “How to Start Your Own Game Company” from Muzzy Lane on Vimeo.

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