PAX West 2016 – PAX RUMBLE IV: Video Game Wrestling in a League of Heels

The now historic events of Paxamania II have left the league in even greater disarray than usual. Matches were decided by bribery, hypnotism, and giant monsters. Greg Miller stepped down as commissioner, leaving a power vacuum in the world of video game wrestling. Questions abound! Who is the new mystery owner of this league of heels? Which of the 30 game industry stars will win the PAX Rumble to earn their place in the title match with Samantha Kalman and Alex Navarro? Join us to find out!

Commentators: Aaron Trites [Comic Store Owner, Twitter], Jeff Gerstmann [Co-Founder, Twitter]

MC: Pat Baer [Streamer, Twitter]

Ownership Team: John Drake [VP of Games at Disney, Twitter], Andrea “The Bank” Rene [Content Creator, Website]

Former Commissioner: Greg Miller [Manager, Twitter]

Wrestlers: Samantha Kalman [Game Designer, Twitter], Dan Ryckert [Podcaster, Twitter], Mikey Neumann [YouTuber, Twitter], Genevieve “St-Onge” [Developer, Twitter], Teddy Dief [Game Designer, Website], Danielle Riendeau [Game Developer, Twitter], Alexa Ray Corriea [Narrative Designer, Twitter], Nick Robinson [Content Creator, YouTube], Eric Baudour [Director of Broadcast Creative, Twitter], Henry Gilbert [Podcaster, Twitter], Dan Amrich [Game Designer, Twitter], Jared Rea [Social Media Consultant, Website], Kahlief Adams [Podcaster, Website], Calamity Jamie [Person Unknown], Graham Stark [Co-Creator/Director/Actor, Mastadon], KF.Fobwashed [eAthlete, Twitter], Erica “Aurahack” [Illistrator/Designer, Website], Jacqui Collins [Marketing and Events Producer], Cohen Edenfield [Writer, Website], Chris Kohler [Editorial Director, Twitter], Danny O’Dwyer [Documentarian, Twitter], Samit Sarkar [Deputy Managing Editor, Twitter], Paul Verhoeven [Comedian/Writer, IMDB], Kris Straub [Cartoonist, Website], Kate Welch [UX/UI Designer, IMDB], Dave “D-Leazy” Lang [Podcaster, Twitter], Amarisse Sullivan [Executive Assistant, Twitter], Austin Walker [Host, Twitter], Khahil White [Events Manager, Twitter], Alex Navarro [Editor, Twitter]

Source: League of Heels

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