PAX West 2016 – The Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics

What makes an RPG session truly great? Props and costumes? A massive plot filled with intricate twists and turns? Remembering to bring $5 to chip in for ordering dinner?

The Art of the Table is here to discuss what takes a normally fun night of gaming and supercharges it into a truly memorable session. Bring your questions and our panel of experienced game masters will help you fine-tune your campaign and bring out the best in your group! All levels of experience welcome!

Moderator: Jeff Fasenfest

Panelists: Amber “dicemistress” Eager [Writer, Website], Ross Cowman [RPG Designer, Twitter], Ben Mandall [Professional Game Master, Facebook], Jason Bostic [Man in Black, Steve Jackson Games], John Compton [Senior Developer, Twitter]

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