PAX East 2014 – The Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics

After 3 years teaching PAX Prime all that we know about running RPGs, The Art of the Table is finally coming to PAX East! Designed for veteran and novice GMs alike, we’ll focus on what it takes to turn a good RPG into a great one. How are top-notch plots created, what makes for excellent role-playing, and how are vibrant worlds and interesting NPCs created? Join our panel of experts as we search out the secrets of that most elusive of beasts: The Game Master.

Moderator: Ben Mandall [Professional Game Master, Facebook]

Panelists: Mike Mearls [Co-Creator, Twitter], Matt McElroy [Marketing Director, Website], Adam Koebel [Game Designer, Website], Randy Scheunemann [Operations Manager, Steve Jackson Games], Emily Care Boss [Game Designer, Website], Shane LeRose [GM]

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