PAX Prime 2015 – The 3rd Annual* PAX Rumble! N64 Wrestling, 30 Challengers, and YOU!

Against the better judgment of all involved, we’re back for the 3rd Annual PAX Rumble! Except this is really our 3rd Rumble in 2 years, but we’re just so dang excited! 30 incredibly talented members of the gaming community will crowd around a Nintendo 64-era wrestling game and yell at each other for your amusement. Previous PAX wrestling panels have seen a man in American flag pants power bombed through a table, bottles broken over the head of a doctor wearing a velvet tracksuit, and a Diet Coke can who died and was resurrected by magic. What barely containable chaos will unfold this time around? How much longer will Penny Arcade permit this nonsense? The next step is involving actual professional wrestlers, right? Life is strange.

Commentators: Eric Pope [Senior Community Developer, Twitter], Aaron Trites [Comic Shop Owner, Twitter]

Referee: Pat Baer [Streamer, Twitter]

Commissioner: Greg Miller [Manager, Twitter]

Wrestlers: Nick Chester [Communication Director, Twitter], Tim Turi [Content Communications Senior Specialist, Twitter], Sean Baptiste [Senior PR & Streaming Manager, Twitter], Jessa Brezinski [Product Manager, Twitter], Shawn Alexander Allen [Game Designer, Twitter], Danny O’Dwyer [Documentarian, Twitter], Kate Welch [UX/UI Designer, Instagram], Stephanie Bayer [Social Media Manager, Website], Patrick Klepek [Senior Reporter, Twitter], Khahil White [Events Manager, Twitter], Dan Teasdale [Game Designer, Twitter], John Drake [VP of Games at Disney, Twitter], Mikey Neumann [YouTuber, Twitter], Matt Sohinki [Streamer, Twitter], Alex Rubens [Senior VP, Twitter], Austin Walker [Host, Twitter], Mary Kish [Head of Community Marketing, Twitch], Holly Green [Editor, Twitter], Chris Faylor [Brand Manager, Twitter], Jeff “Dr. Tracksuit” Gerstmann [Co-Founder, Twitter], “Cyberdwarf” [Tales of Games], Jon Brown [Game Designer, Twitter], Rami Ismail [Game Developer, Website], Felix Kramer [Producer, Twitter], Greg Rice [Head of Playstation Creators, Twitter], Samit Sarkar [Deputy Managing Editor, Twitter], Dave “D-Leazy” Lang [Podcaster, Twitter], Samantha Kalman [Game Designer, Twitter], Alexa Ray Corriea [Narrative Designer, Twitter], David “Lasercorn” Moss [YouTuber, Twitter], Alex Navarro [Editor, Twitter]

Source: League of Heels

Source: Giant Bomb Unarchived

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