PAX Prime 2014 – You’re Doing It Wrong: Finding the RPG You’re Trying to Play

Using Pathfinder to play a courtly game of mystery and intrigue? Trying to wring pulpy action-adventure out of Call of Cthulhu? You’re doing it wrong. Roleplaying games are technology and you might not be using yours right. Come see Adam Koebel (Dungeon World), Luke Crane (Burning Wheel, Torchbearer), and Sage LaTorra (Dungeon World) to learn how just wrong you are (and how to get right).

Panelists: Adam Koebel [Game Designer, Website], Luke Crane [Game Designer, Website], Shannon Riddle [User Experience Researcher, Expedia Group], Sage LaTorra [Game Designer, Website]

Source: mmoreportnetwork

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