PAX Prime 2014 – Women in Game Development: We Have the Best Job Ever!

When you hear the words “game developer”, who comes to mind? The kinds of people who make your favorite games might surprise you. From indie development to AAA games, there are more women creating games now than ever before. Join us as we talk about our experiences in making games; the good, the bad, and why we love what we do. We hope the audience will get a look at what it’s like to be a woman who develops games, and to encourage everyone who’s interested in development to make something.

Moderator:  Bryanna Lindsey [Lead FX Artist, Twitter]

Panelists: Gwen Yeh [Artist/Graphic Designer, Website],  Brittany “Aubrey Edwards” Aubert [Executive Producer / Referee, Twitter], Sarah Grissom [Principal Visual FX Artist, Twitter], Joanna Leung [Senior Game Designer, Twitter], Samantha Kalman [Game Designer, Twitter]

Source: Effectively Game Dev

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