PAX Prime 2014 – Video Games Are Stupid: The Inherent Silliness of the Medium

In Heavy Rain, we changed a diaper. In Fallout 3, we cured a broken leg by eating mashed potatoes found in a toilet. In Bioshock Infinite, we stole a hot dog from a dead man’s pocket, and ate that too. In Gone Home, we picked up everything we could and threw it on the floor, like a toddler or chimpanzee. Sometimes it’s the game that’s silly, and sometimes it’s the player. Join us as we reflect upon some of the more absurd moments from our time spent exploring virtual worlds.

Panelists: Adam Kovic [Former Creative Director, IMDB], Anthony Carboni [Host, Twitter], Jack Devries [Freelance Writer, Twitter], Brian Altano [Video Host/Producer, Twitter], Max Scoville [Producer, Twitter], Bill Zoeker [Freelance Producer, Twitter]

Source: Destructoid

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