PAX Prime 2014 – The Rebel FM Video Game/Relationship Advice Hour (Episode 228)

After more than five years of podcasts, Rebel FM is doing their first official live panel at PAX. Please join hosts Anthony Gallegos, Mitch Dyer, Matt Chandronait, and Arthur Gies for dumb talk about games, dumb questions about relationships, and maybe even a dumb guest or two. And remember: We love games. We love you.

Podcast Description:

This episode of Rebel FM was recorded in front of a live studio audience at the 2014 Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. No video game talk in this one – it’s all live, awkward relationship letters. Plus donuts. 

This week’s music: Broods – Everytime

Panelists: Anthony Gallegos [Game Designer, Website], Mitch Dyer [Writer, Website], Matt Chandronait [Producer, Twitter], Arthur Gies [Lead Editor, Twitter]

Guest: Brian Altano [Video Host/Producer, Twitter]

Source: Rebel FM

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