PAX Prime 2014 – The Game Industry Rumble! Live on the N64!

30 Superstars. 1 winner. Immortality awaits. The already infamous Game Industry Rumble makes its PAX Prime debut, bringing a Nintendo 64, a copy of Wrestlemania 2000, and 30 of the best and brightest in the gaming community with it. Witness an all-star assembly of talent from all corners of the gaming industry as they face off in the squared circle for the most coveted and elusive prize of them all…RESPECT.

Commentators: Eric Pope [Senior Community Developer, Twitter], Aaron Trites [Comic Shop Owner, Twitter],

Referee: Nick Chester [Communication Director, Twitter]

Contestants: Samit Sarkar [Deputy Managing Editor, Twitter], Abbie Heppe [Live Product Lead, Twitter], Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse [Senior Security Advisor, Website], John Drake [VP of Games at Disney, Twitter], Chris Kohler [Editorial Director, Twitter], Will Smith [CEO, Twitter], Kate Welch [UX/UI Designer, Instagram] , Mitch Dyer [Writer, Website], Jeff “Dr. Conrad Tracksuit” Gerstmann [Co-Founder, Twitter], Andrea Rene [Talent and Producer, Website], Casey Lynch [Editorial Director, Twitter], Charlie Chu [EVP Creative, Twitter], Alexa Ray Corriea [Narrative Designer, Twitter], David Ellis [Senior Game Designer, Twitter], Tina Amini [Editor in Chief, Twitter], John Vignocchi [Head of 3rd Party Portfolio Management, Twitter], Samantha Kalman [Game Designer, Twitter], Pat Baer [Streamer, Twitter], Dan Ryckert [Podcaster, Twitter], Erin Baudour [Director of Broadcast Creative, Twitter], Trin Garritano [Game Developer, Twitter], Bobby Lörtscher [Associate Producer, Twitter], Shawn Alexander Allen [Game Designer, Twitter], Dave “D-Leazy” Lang [Podcaster, Twitter], John Drake [VP of Games at Disney, Twitter], Meggan Scavio [President and CEO, Twitter], Brad Muir [Project Lead, Twitter], Jon Carnage [Actor, Twitter], Eric “e” Neustadter [VP of Tech, Twitter], Felix Kramer [Producer, Twitter]

Source: Giant Bomb Unarchived

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