PAX Prime 2014 – Omegathon Round 4: J.S. Joust

Really? All whammies for you again? My goodness, are you TRYING to pick those that don’t get through? I mean, if that’s the case, slow clap for you, because the odds were really stacked against you there. Focus now. Just close your eyes and clear your mind. Go to your happy place. Who’s the first Omeganaut you think of? Bam, you have a 50/50 shot. So, Johann Sebastian Joust! J.S. Joust is a game that is silly and hilarious and like a rare flower is an Omegathon game that requires some athleticism. Good luck to our remaining combatants!

Competitors: ahwing, ChrisCasey, Gustavabane, cherbear, Mewissa, Azuretek, Amlethus, Doc

Source: Lance Banghi

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