PAX Prime 2014 – Omegathon Round 3: Super Avalanche 2

Your pick didn’t make it to Round 3? Even after we gave you that do over? Seriously? Were you not observing how each Omeganaut would handle falling in a tower over and over? Ok, TRY AGAIN, and take the information you learned from Round 2 and throw it in the garbage, because Super Avalanche 2 is pretty much the exact opposite of falling. A favorite in the PA offices, it was only a matter of time before this PAX 10 winner showed up in the Omegathon.

Competitors: Amlethus, Mewissa, cherbear, ahwing, Gustavabane, ChrisCasey, *Nova*, Azuretek, PiriYuu, Jobiwan, Doc, ramblin-grump

Source: Lance Banghi

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