PAX Prime 2014 – Inside YouTube: How to Win the Video-Game-Video Game

The 5 biggest gaming channels on YouTube alone have a combined 60 million subscribers and 12.8 billion views, and gaming on YouTube is only getting bigger. Hear directly from the YouTube Gaming team (along with a few special guests from the YouTube community) about how to connect with the billion monthly viewers on YouTube, and learn about what we’re doing to make gaming on YouTube even better. Bring your questions for the YouTube team and our guests!

Panelists: Tim James [Software Engineering Manager, Twitter],  Jonathan Terleski [Senior UX Director, Website], Alan Joyce [Senior Product Manager, Website], Jordan “Captain Sparklez” Maron [Youtuber, Twitter], Rodrigo Velloso [Global Director of Influencer Marketing, Twitter], Max “Gassy Mexican” Gonzalez [Voice Actor, Twitter]

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