PAX Prime 2014 – Idle Thumbs Podcast Live (From the Metropolitan Ballroom): We’re All in This (Room) Together (Episode 174)

With our third appearance at PAX, the Idle Thumbs podcast can finally conclude the planned epic trilogy fans have been clamoring for. Though we’re confident the panel will be a thrilling and emotional experience filled with the incisive conversations, useless diversions, live music, and interactive romantic encounters that followers of the podcast have come to expect, should the ending prove unsatisfactory we promise we’ll fix it in the DLC.

Podcast Description: We went to PAX and recorded an episode live in front of a bunch of wonderful people who could all hear us, though we could not hear one another. That didn’t stop us from trying to communicate, and we think the results speak for themselves. This episode was rated 3 out of 5 hosts by all in attendance; we hope it finds an audience in you.

Panelists: Chris Remo [Designer, Twitter], Jake Rodkin [Designer, Twitter], Sean Vanaman [Developer, Website]

Source: Idle Thumbs

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