PAX Prime 2014 – Gaming in the Classroom: How Games Can Improve Our Schools

Games have the power to drastically improve schools and classrooms. Games of all sorts—board, card, role-playing, video, and beyond—can enhance student engagement, heighten learning, and increase achievement.  But how?  Join national teacher trainer and writer for Edutopia Andrew Miller, National Board Certified Teacher Jeremy Bort, student Christian Knutson, and game designer Nik Davidson for a discussion on the wheres, the whys, and the hows of gaming in a classroom.

Moderator: Nik Davidson [Head of Design, One More Game]

Panelists: Andrew Mille [Director and Teaching and Learning, Twitter], Jeremy Bort, MAT, NBCT [Teacher, Youtube], Christian Knutson [System Engineer, Northrop Grumman]

Source: Jeremy Bort

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