PAX Prime 2014 – GameTrailers, GameFront and The Escapist – The Massive Q&A

Now’s your chance to ask some of the most experienced game journalists behind three of the best known gaming websites out there. What does Brandon Jones wear underneath that desk? Where does Janelle Bonanno buy her games? What does Greg Tito really think about Jim Sterling? We’ll have representatives from each website with microphones in hand to answer all these questions and more. Exclusive videos, controversial opinions, dance numbers – this Q&A will have it all!

Moderator: James Heaney [Host/Improvisor, Twitter]

Panelists: Kyle Bosman [Streamer, Twitter], Brandon Jones [Editor in Chief / Voice Actor, Twitter], Andrea Rene [Talent and Producer, Website],  Phil Hornshaw [Editor, Twitter], Janelle Bonanno [Global Communications Manager, Twitter], Joshua Vanderwall [General Consultant Digital Media, Twitter], Greg Tito [Communications/Public Relations, Twitter]

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