PAX Prime 2014 – Expo Hall Live*

Ever wonder what it’s like to walk through a PAX Expo Hall with Rym and Scott? In a lofty experiment, Geeknights live streams from the Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2014. But, since they’re no bandwidth in the expo hall, they actually just record it and upload it later. Let’s Play the Expo Hall!

This is an experiment. The audio is clipped. The camerawork is shoddy. Raw and mostly unedited (long conversations, fighting crowds, going to the bathroom redacted for obvious reasons), this is a good sense of what it’s actually like to deal with us two jerks at a convention. It’s also a good representation of how we actually talk to each other outside of the show.

If you guys like this at all, we’ll do it with proper production values at the next PAX. In fact, if you really like it, I’ll take some time to edit it cleaner and master the audio as best I can to mix better.

*May not be live at the time you are watching this video

Source: GeeknightsRym

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