PAX Prime 2014 – Digitizing the Tabletop: Taking RPGs into Cyberspace

Can’t find a local group to play Dungeons & Dragons with? Want to reconnect with your old gaming buddies, scattered across the universe? Join JP (Streamer, YouTuber, and creator of RollPlay), djWHEAT (Director of Community & Education, Twitch), Nolan T. Jones (co-creator, and Adam Koebel (Co-author of Dungeon World) to learn how to pick the right game, get set up with the right tech and take your online RPG to the next level – streaming it live for your soon-to-be adoring fans.

Panelists: Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham [eSports & Viz Dev Manager, Host, Twitter], JP McDaniel [Streamer, YouTube], Nolan T. Jones [Co-Founder, Profile], Adam Koebel [Game Designer, Website]

Source: mmoreporternetwork

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