PAX Prime 2013 – Wildstar: Journey to Nexus

Join the Carbine Studios development team on an epic journey to the galaxy’s most legendary planet!  New Awesome videos?  Check.  Super-secret insider info on your favorite features?  You got it!  Glimpses of exclusive, never-before-seen WildStar gameplay?  Oh, yea. Even better – bring your most burning questions to the team, and you might just leave with a galactic boatload of WildsStar swag!

Panelists: Chad “Pappy” Moore [Lead Narrative Designer, Website], Seth Candel [Animator/Cinematics, Website], Troy “Aether” Hewitt [Community Director, Moby Games], Stephan Frost [Design Producer, Twitter], Matt MaCarski [Creative/Art Director, Website],  Chris Annel [Cinematics Bro, Website], Michael Donatelli [Product Director, MobyGames]

Source: MMOinfo Polska

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