PAX Prime 2013 – Retrogame Roadshow: The Game Show!

Get ready for the new and improved Retrogame Roadshow! Found a rare piece of gaming history at a yard sale and want to know what it’s worth? Or just want to show off the best item from your collection? Bring your prized possession with you, and you’ll have the change to come up on stage and have your game evaluated by our panel of experts.

But wait – there’s more! Other audience members will be chosen randomly to get on stage and play Price Is Right-style game along with us! You’ll listen as the panel discusses each item, then guess at a price. Whoever comes the closest to our panel’s pricing (without going over) will get the chance to win a retrogame-themed prize! Now everybody has a chance to join the Roadshow!

Panelists: Frank Cifaldi [Writer, Twitter], Chris Kohler [Editorial Director, Twitter], Mike Mika [Studio Head, Twitter], Steve Lin [VP Operations, Website]

Source: Yanitor

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