PAX Prime 2012 – For the Love of Making: Geek Arts and Crafts

Ever noticed how many geeks and gamers are also gifted artists and crafters? Maybe you’re such a person yourself. From sewing cosplay costumes and knitting Nyan cat scarves to building Portal guns and sculpting polymer Creeper figurines, or just sticking googly eyes to everything in your vicinity, creating things is hugely satisfying, and a great way to express your love of games and more. Join a group of geeky crafters who will share what inspires them, why they craft and how they’ve learned a whole variety of crafting skills and techniques. Share your own ideas, ask for crafting advice and get inspired! The panel features Desert Bus for Hope Craft-Along Coordinator Tally Heilke, Amanda of the Magic Cards with Googly Eyes Tumblr, pixel-quilting pro Sewing Punzie, everything modder extraordinaire Charlie Falcone, costume-maker Heather Dery, and a special surprise guest!

Panelists: Charlie “Gentlemen Dingo” Falcone [Casemodder, Profile], Amanda Casperson [Artist, Website], Heather “Lunarjade” Dery [Video Editor, Twitter], Natalia “Tally” Heilke [Plush Designer, Twitter], Punzie McGinty [Seamstress, Etsy], Anne Wheaton [Author, Website]

Source: Sarah Mendiola

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