PAX Prime 2011 – This is Only a Test – The Tested Podcast Goes Live!

The sweaty nerds who deliver a heaping helping of technology news every Thursday are coming to PAX and podcasting LIVE. That’s right, we’re leaving the basement, grabbing an umbrella, and coming to PAX Prime. Come listen to Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Gary Whitta share their feelings on general technology news, including the latest on smartphones and tablets, upcoming game hardware (handheld, PC, living room, and smartphone/tablet), coffee tech, and science news. At the end of the show, the podcast gang will delve deep into topics they know very little about in the weekly edition of fake outtakes. Punch and pie!

Panelists: Gary Whitta [Screenwriter, Website], Norman Chan [Editor, Twitter], Will Smith [CEO, Twitter]

Source: Tested

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