PAX Prime 2011 – The Yogscast: Digging a Hole

One man, one dwarf… The Yogscast are the runaway hit of the UK webcasting scene, bringing their irrepressible humour, Jaffa Cakes and gaming experience ‘to a world they did not understand’. Millions of viewers have watched them struggle (and sometimes fail) with WoW, Minecraft, Portal 2, Rift and Fable III. Here, the Yogscast are streamed live from the UK to explore the world of Minecraftia, answer questions, and maybe even sing a song about digging a hole. Starring Simon and Lewis, with the cast of Shadow of Israphel, and hosted from the floor by Dr Esther MacCallum-Stewart.

Panelists: Hannah “Lomadia” Rutherford [Director, Twitter], Simon “Honeydew” Lane [YouTuber, Twitter], Lewis “Xephos” Brindley [Co-Host, Twitter], Esther MacCallum-Stewart [Associate Professor – Games Research, Wiki]

Source: YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

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