PAX Prime 2011 – The Return of The Reverse Q&A with The Harmonix Community Team

The Harmonix Community Team spends a lot of time answering questions about Rock Band & Dance Central, but what happens when they get to question a captive audience at PAX? Part focus group and part interrogation, this panel promises to turn the idea of a traditional Q&A on its head. Harmonix employees will kick off discussion by sharing secrets about your favorite games, unveiling features for upcoming titles and maybe even announcing a new project… assuming it hasn’t all been leaked already.You may be wondering: “What kind of questions will be asked?” and “What kind of cool new things will they announce?” and “Will this be as big a disaster as the time they did this panel at PAX East?” All valid questions, but you’ll have to attend to learn the answers!

Panelists: Eric Pope [Senior Community Developer, Twitter], John Drake [VP of Games at Disney, Twitter], Aaron Trites [Comic Store Owner, Twitter], Annette Gonzalez [Strategic Partner Manager, Twitter]

Source: Harmonix Music Systems

Source: The Official Harmonix Podcast

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