PAX Prime 2011 – The ArenaNet Community Team

Join ArenaNet Community Team members Martin Kerstein, Regina Buenaobra, and Stéphane Lo Presti as they discuss ArenaNet’s philosophy and approach to community. They’ll discuss what they do on a daily basis as community managers and provide insights into the field of community management from the perspective of managing the Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 communities. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about what community managers do-and specifically what ArenaNet’s community managers do-this is the panel for you!

Panelists: Stéphane Lo Presti [Content Marketing Strategist, Twitter], Martin Kerstein [Community Volunteer Special Programs Manager, Geocoaching HQ], Regina Buenaobra [Content Marketing Team Lead, Website]

Source: GuildWars2Live

Source: Seven

Guild Wars 2 Community Manager Panel PAX2011 from Seven on Vimeo.

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