PAX Prime 2011 – PC Gaming is (Not) Dead

Join Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan for a live presentation of Razer’s new, groundbreaking project for PC Gamers worldwide. If you were impressed with Razer’s Switchblade concept, which won the Best of CES 2011 People’s Voice Award, wait until you get a load of what Razer has in store for you at PAX Prime. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience first-hand, the hottest thing to redefine the industry. The official worldwide announcement will be made during this session at PAX Prime, and don’t miss your chance to win epic Razer gear! Q&A session to follow the presentation.

Panelist: Min-Liang Tan [CEO, Twitter]

Source: cultofrazer

Razer @ PAX 2011 Blade Keynote Presentation from cultofrazer on Vimeo.

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