PAX Prime 2011 – PC Gamer Presents: The PC in 2011 and 2012

We did a crazy thing. We got tired of the world’s most popular gaming platform not having a formal presence at gaming conventions. So we did something about it. For one special hour, we’ve gathered PC gaming’s best minds and producers and “Voltroned” them together into a giant presentation-giving robot of unlimited power.Rally up as we roll out the red carpet for the platform with the most fans (see what we did there?) and reveal unannounced secret projects, and exhibit world-first live demos from EA, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft,, Sony Online, and still more. Hosted by the team that’s been yelling about PC gaming for 15 years, PC Gamer.

Panelists: Logan Decker [Editorial Director, Twitter], Evan Lahti [Global Editor-in-Chief, Twitter], Josh Augustine [Senior Game Designer, Twitter], Tyler Wilde [Executive Editor, Twitter]

Source: PC Gamer

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