PAX Prime 2011 – OC ReMix: Making Sweet, Sweet Love to Video Game Music Since 1999

You like video game music? Koji Kondo? Nobuo Uematsu? Of course you do, they’re awesome. Come on down and celebrate the greatness of VGM from the NES to the PS3. Whether you want to create OC ReMixes, compose for indie & pro video games or just listen to badass game music, we’re here to bestow advice and recommend awesome music. You can also win FREE limited edition physical copies of our Donkey Kong Country 2 album, Serious Monkey Business (featuring composer David Wise, ZOMG!), as well as other merch for people that KNOW their VGM trivia. Come please your ears & win some swag!

Panelists: Justin “Nutritious” Medford [Remixer, Twitter], Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson [Composer, Website], Larry “Liontamer” Oji [ReMixer, Twitter], David “djpretzel” Lloyd [Founder & President, Twitter], Stevo “Level99” Bortz [Host & Showrunner, Twitter]

Source: paxcommunitydvd

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