PAX Prime 2011 – Magic: The Gathering World Building Panel

Come and talk with the Magic creative team and get insight into how they build new worlds for the Magic multiverse. Get preview of the world of Innistrad, the setting for this year’s fall Magic release. You’ll see new art, new cards, and you’ll even have a chance to pick up some Magic swag!

Moderator: Mark Purvis [Senior Director, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing, Wiki]

Panelists: Adam Lee [Narrative and Game Designer, Wiki], Jenna Helland [Writer and Editor WotC, GoodReads], Doug Beyer [Principal Game Designer MTG, Twitter], Jeremy Jarvis [Creative Director, Wiki], Richard Whitters [Senior Art Director for Dungeons & Dragons, Twitter], Brady Dommermuth [Creative Designer & Producer, Wiki]

Source: Mananation

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