PAX Prime 2011 – Embrace the Chaos – Standard Action: the Webseries

Plan? What plan? When producer Joanna Gaskell and director Rob Hunt set out to make gamer webseries Standard Action, they did it in a most unconventional way. The web is a fast-paced medium, and in keeping with that energy, each episode of Standard Action’s first season was written, produced, edited and released in 3 weeks, allowing production and characters to grow and change as the season surged forward. Despite the controlled chaos, production value is high, and episodes feature everything from complex prosthetics to special effects. Learn why Standard Action chose this dynamic path, how they pull it off, and watch selected episodes!

Panelists: Joanna Gaskell [Actor, Website], Tara Pratt [Actor, IMDB], Edwin Perez [Actor, IMDB], Vanessa Driveness [Costume Supervisor, IMDB], Carla “Sumi” Miller [Production Designer, IMDB]

Source: Rob Hunt

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