PAX Prime 2011 – Breathing Life into a World: The Lore and Writing of Guild Wars 2

In this panel, ArenaNet game designers and world-builders Jeff Grubb and Ree Soesbee will join writers Sean Ferguson and Scott McGough to discuss how they make Guild Wars 2 come alive by creating compelling game lore and writing the everyday interactions players have with other characters while adventuring. How do game designers collaborate with writers to build a cohesive game world? You’ll find out in this informative, thought-provoking panel.

Moderator: Stéphane Lo Presti [Content Marketing Strategist, Twitter]

Panelists: Scott McGough [Narrative Lead, IMDB] , Jeff Grubb [Game Designer, Website], Ree Soesbee [Author, Jester Entertainment], Sean Ferguson [Writer, Wiki]

Source: GuildWars2Live

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