PAX Prime 2011 – 1UP Presents: Retronauts vs. Your Fondest Memories

Retronauts is all about reliving our fond memories of classic games as we stroll through the medium’s history, but sometimes we let our rose-tinted glasses get in the way of objectivity. Well, this episode of 1UP’s live podcast is designed to rectify that. For one hour, we’ll be asking our reader to name their favorite games ever and clinically (albeit lovingly!) explaining exactly what’s wrong with those games. Fair’s fair, though; we’ll be opening the session by talking about our own personal favorites, so there’ll be plenty of time to excoriate our own poor taste. No cow is sacred! Please join us for this cathartic session of objectivity and perspective.

Panelists: Jeremy Parish [Media Curator, Twitter], Nich Maragos [Localization Editor, Moby Games], Chris Kohler [Editor, Games Wired], Jeff Green [Business Development Lead, Twitter]

Source: Internet Archive

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