PAX East 2016 – Adventures in Game Writing

Ever wonder what it’s like to write for games? Join us for a conversation about the methods and philosophies of writing and narrative design. Our eclectic group of panelists have worked on giant AAA titles like Destiny, The Witcher, and the indiest of tabletop games, in roles that include everything from Lead Writer to Customer Service Representative.  We’ll talk about the realities of the industry today and speculate wildly about the future of storytelling.

Moderator: Leah Miller [Content Designer, Moby Games]

Panelists: James Pianka [Narrative Designer, BGG], Cohen Edenfield [Writer, Website], Nicole Amato [Developer/Writer/Games Outreach Lead, Twitter], Sande Chen [Writer and Game Designer, Website], John Ryan [Writer, Website]

Source: Blackman ‘N Robin

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