PAX East 2015 – All the Feels: Empathy in Indie Game Narrative

Indie games are creative not just in mechanics but in narrative, telling stories and creating safe spaces for dealing with real-life issues. Empathy games have helped us understand and address the struggle for survival by a war-torn country’s civilians, bullying, and physical and mental health. Hear from the developers who are exploring the boundaries of interactive storytelling and transcending gameplay.

Moderator: Ken Gagne [Technical Account Manager, Website]

Panelists: Nicole Stark [Co-Founder/Director, Twitter], Justin Amirkhani [Creative Director, Vagabond Dog], Logan Harrington [Senior 3D Artist, Website], Karol Zajączkowski [Producer, Moby Games], Anna Megill [Lead Writer, Website]

Source: Broken CRT Productions

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