PAX East 2014 – WildStar: $#!& Just Got Real

WildStar’s launch is getting closer! This year’s highly-anticipated MMO is just about ready for liftoff, and we want you to be a part of it! We’ve got it all: Action combat, the most customizable housing system you’ve ever seen, crazy 40-man raids, and much, much more. Join the Carbine team as they answer questions, reveal the new hotness, and make fun of Chad’s PvP skills. Bring your “A” game, and get ready for an hour of fun, chaos, and terrible jokes.

Panelists: Jen “Gordy” Ortiz [Business Services Director, Website], Jeremy Gaffney [CEO, Twitter], Chad “Pappy” Moore [Lead Narrative Designer, Website], Stephan Frost [Design Producer, Twitter], Joe Piepiora [Lead Systems Designer, Twitter], Christopher Lynch [Senior Designer, Moby Games]

Source: WildWeave

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