PAX East 2014 – The Audacity of #Hype: The Do’s, Dont’s & WTF’s of Modern Social Media

Social Media is a noisy world for brands and individuals alike. Whether it’s Twitter or YouTube, Facebook or Google+, there’s a whole world out there waiting for your brand, website, or thoughts. Join folks that work behind the scenes for Activision, Deep Silver, Gunnar Optiks, Harmonix, Sprint, and Ubisoft for a conversation on how to build and manage your brand, work with customers, balance personal accounts in the public eye, and avoid the pitfalls in the hectic social media sphere.

Moderator: Jake Baldino [Internet Video Personality, Twitter]

Panelists: Dave Oshry [Senior Director, Twitter], John Drake [VP of Games at Disney, Twitter], Dan Hevia [Director, Twitter], Stan Press [Principal Consultant, Twitter], Dan Amrich [Game Designer, Twitter], Jeff Rubenstein [Xbox Senior Communications Manager, Twitter]

Source: Jake Baldino

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