PAX East 2013 – Indie Showcase

Chances are you’ve got one of those smart phone doohickeys, meaning you know what we mean when we say there are some really incredible games being developed for the platform. Many of these have begun to transcend the casual/social stigma, as games for the hardcore start to rival the experiences found on dedicated hardware. Unfortunately while there are all sorts of indie game competitions out there, not many seem to focus specifically on the mobile platforms… and that seemed like a problem we might be able to help with. Join the creators of those games LIVE and on stage! Questions will be asked! Answers may appear!

Moderator: Jeff Kalles [Vice President Operations, Twitter]

Panelists: Jeff Addonizio [Scrum Master, Moby Games], Henry Smith [Game Developer, Twitter], Jared Kasl [Co-Founder, Website], Joshua Fairhurst [CEO, Website], James Greenaway [Artist, Moby Games], Ben Perez [Programmer, Twitter], John C. Worsley [Developer, Website]

Source: Matt S

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