PAX East 2012 – How Not to Succeed as a Freelance Game Journalist

Making a successful go at being a game journalist involves more than just good ideas and proper grammar. Join experienced editors (and former freelancers) Susan Arendt (The Escapist) and Justin McElroy (Vox Games), Kyle Orland (Ars Technica), Andrew Hayward (MacLife), AJ Glasser (Inside Network), and Rob Rath (freelance) as they discuss the common pitfalls, gaffes, and mistakes that give potential employers the wrong impression of you. Think it’s all common sense? Think again. If you’re interested in game journalism, this panel should not be missed!

Panelists: Susan Arendt [Senior Content Manager, Twitter], AJ Glasser [Business Developer, Twitter], Kyle Orland [Senior Gaming Editor, Twitter], Andrew Heyward [Contributing Editor, Twitter], Justin McElroy [Podcaster, Website], Robert Rath [Novelist & Screenwiter, Twitter]

Source: Robert Rath

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