PAX East 2010 – The GET LAMP Screening and Panel!

GET LAMP, a documentary about text adventures, premieres at PAX East. Meet the director, Jason Scott, and a panel of interactive fiction authors, experts, and interviewees who appeared in the film. We’ll discuss the film itself, text adventures and interactive fiction, and what 30 years of adventure games have brought to the world.

Moderator: Jason Scott [Director, Website]

Panelists: Dave Lebling [Senior Principal Software Engineer, Moby Games], Don Woods [Programmer, Website], Brian Moriarty [Professor, Moby Games], Andrew “Zarf” Plotkin [Writer, Website], Nick Montfort [Professor of Digital Media, Website], Steve Meretzky [Game Developer, Website]

Source: Jason Scott

GET LAMP Pax Panel: Part 1 (Rough Cut) from Jason Scott on Vimeo.

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