PAX East 2010 – Re-Inventing A Super-Heroic MMO

How do you keep the world’s first and most popular super-powered MMO fresh and relevant? First, you blur the lines between good and evil. Then, you throw in new content, features and systems that provide an upgrade guaranteed to keep things interesting into 2010 and beyond! Join the art, design and production masterminds behind City of Heroes® as they discuss their upcoming “Going Rogue” expansion and share their overall wisdom on how to keep up with the times by continuously re-inventing your MMO. Attendees will learn about a never before discussed Going Rogue feature!

Moderator: EM Stock [Senior Manager of Community Relations, Moby Games]

Panelist: David Nakayama [Freelance Illustrator, Website], Jesse Caceres [Senior Producer, Moby Games], Melissa “War Witch” Bianco [Design Lead, Website], Matt “Positron” Miller [Lead Systems Designer, Twitter]

Source: GravCoH

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